Privacy Policy

I give my consent regarding the information contained in the application form and attachments that I send, and I confirm that I agree with the following terms:

  • Zitro does not disclose your personal data to unauthorized third parties but the data may be transferred or disclosed to group companies and to third parties authorized to act on behalf of Zitro.
  • Zitro collects your personal data to perform the recruitment, evaluation, interview, testing and selection actions necessary to carry out the hiring processes, including the final hiring, and they can be stored for future vacancies; they shall be deleted one year after your reception.
  • The data and information that Zitro can share with the candidate within the selection/hiring process are strictly confidential and they will be treated as such by the candidate, as they cannot be disclosed to or used by any other company or person.
  • The data, information, designs, code or ideas that the candidate can share with Zitro must be owned by the candidate. You must not send anything that is owned by a third party that is a secret or commercial information of another company, since, in such case, Zitro will not be responsible for it.
  • Applications or questions related to the privacy policy should be addressed to